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everyone seems to be doing it. why can't we?

a san francisco/bay area based cybergoth community where those who are in between ravers, gravers, goths, and rivetheads can come discuss cyber things.... whatever those are.

this is also an off shoot from shallow_nation and it's very popular cybergoth bbs which is now deceased. there are now new cybergoth related ones:
  • cybers
  • electroclash

    tell me if there are more.

    The new (12/3/05) and #1 for this community is that there is only one ad per club per month.

    Ex. No posting for club x more twice in March.
    Ex. No posting for club x if your friend already did it.

    *Violating this means permanent banning from the community for the violating party!!! So check before you post!!!*

  • post quiz results
  • post set lists
  • make long posts without using the lj-cut tag. See FAQ for more details.
  • post pictures without using the cut tag
  • post ads for events not in the SF bay area or Sacremento area
  • posting and turning off comments. The post will be marked as SPAM and deleted.

    Infractions on these DON'Ts will result in being asking to remove or edit your entry. After 2 violations, you will not be able to post for 30 days. Further violations will result in permanent revoking of posting privilages.

  • Double check your spelling
  • Post polls
  • Think about whether 150+ people will want to read you rant about tummy lint
  • Post thought evoking questions
  • 80s cartoons, anime, anthony rother, aphex twin, atari, atari teenage riot, automaton, bay area, big boots, bjork, black lights, blade runner, blinky lights, break beats, breakdancing, buffalo shoes, cabaret voltaire, cartoons, circuits, clubbing, computer games, computers, converter, covenant, cyber, cyber fashion, cyberaktif, cybercore, cyberculture, cyberdog, cybergoth, cybergoth culture, cyberpunk, cyberpunk culture, dane, darkraves, david bowie, decode, decoded feeback, digimon, duran duran, ebm, einsturzende neubauten, electro, electronic music, fake hair, flashing things, fotus, front 242, front line assembly, gabba, gadgets, ganji, gary numan, geek culture, ghost in the shell, giant robots, glowsticks, goggles, goteki, gravers, hackers, hair extensions, haujobb, industrial, industrial music, japan, japanese pop culture, jupiter, kitties, kmfdm, kraftwerk, laser guns, leather strip, leds, light sabres, lo-tech, lollies, manga, mech, mek, moon boots, mp3s, neon, new order, new rock boots, nintendo, nitzer ebb, noisex, oakland, pink, pixel art, pixels, plastic hair, plastik hair, playstation, pokemon, powernoise, powerpuff girls, programmable pants, prohibition, psychic tv, raves, rivethead culture, rivetheads, rivets, san francisco, san jose, sci-fi, sdl, shiny things, shoes, silver, skinny puppy, soft cell, spank, star wars, swear, synth pop, synth-pop, synthetic hair, synthetik hair, synthpop, techno, technology, the fifth element, the matrix, throbbing gristle, trance, transformers, uv, vanity, vicky vicious, william gibson